Wilson Advisory Committee

Preserving our Sense of Community

Effective Voice

If you are among the many Wilsonites who would like to have a more effective voice in County development issues, and who would like to influence the future of Wilson, Wyoming, then we urge you to add your name and e-mail to the membership list for the Wilson Advisory Committee.

Preserving our Sense of Community

Commissioners Bill Paddleford and Andy Schwartz, who both attended the November meeting, encouraged us to continue with this effort, assuring us that a unified citizen's input from Wilson will be
Get Informed
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taken seriously, and will definitely influence their decisions in the future.

The intention is for the Wilson Advisory Committee to be completely open and inclusive. We hope that everyone in Wilson who feels strongly about preserving our sense of community -- or who feels strongly about any local issue that they think deserves broader support -- will join us in the Committee's efforts. The democratic process, including voting by e-mail, will govern the choice of issues.

First and foremost, the W.A.C. will provide a means for us all to get immediate notification of hearings and votes
How it All Started...
On November 21, 2002, a group of about 60 Wilson residents gathered at the Old Wilson Schoolhouse to discuss some issues that concern the future of Wilson, Wyoming - and to plan for how "Wilsonites" can best come together to have a stronger influence on future development issues which will affect our community.
at the County level. The County has agreed to alert our phone-tree contacts whenever an application that affects Wilson is being scheduled. We will then notify all members by phone or e-mail, giving us an opportunity for our voice to be heard early on in the process, not after planning decisions have already been made for us.

Major issues on which we can make a difference include:
  1. Inclusion of design guidelines from last year's planning charette into the County Comprehensive Plan.
  2. Historical designation and a long-term lease for the Old Wilson Schoolhouse;
  3. Planned road improvements to Hwy 22 through town.
  4. Affordable housing on the inner loop.
  5. The appearance and lighting of the new Exxon Station;
If you think Wilson should take better control of its own future, and if you want to have a voice in shaping that future, please join your neighbors and add your name to the membership list of the Wilson Advisory committee.

We plan to use e-mail as the primary means of communication among members, however, for those who still use only Fax or USMail, we will make sure that all notices and newsletters will get to you in a timely manner.

Thank you for adding your voice and support,

The Steering Committee:
Brot Coburn, George Erb, Heidi Harrison, Mark Hershberger, Porgy McClelland, Beth McIntosh, Peter Pilafian, Reynolds Pomeroy, Phil Round, Jocelyn Slack, Horton Spitzer, Jeff Springett, Larry and Shannon Thal, Fred Toland, John Wasson, and Tim Young